Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - [PU/AN/AS/02/(1960)] (Jr./HSC/Id.No.J-12.14001)
NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade College (CGPA - 3.22) ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
Programmed offered
Sr. No. Name of the Programme Duration Intake capacity
1. F. Y. B. Sc 1 Year 140
2. S. Y. B. Sc 1 Year 120
3. T. Y. B. Sc 1 Year 18
4 M. Sc. 2 24
Courses offered
Sr. No. Name of the Programme Courses offered Course code
1. F. Y. B. Sc



Sem- I

Fundamentals of Botany Plant Diversity BO-111
Industrial Botany I BO-112
Sem- II Morphology and Anatomy BO-111
Industrial Botany II BO-112

S. Y. B. Sc


Sem- I

Taxanomy of Angiosperms, Plant Community and Plant Physiology BO-211
Plant Physiology BO-212
Sem- II Plant Anatomy and Embryology BO-221
Plant Biotechnology BO-222
3. T. Y. B. Sc


Sem- I

Cryptogamic Botany BO.331
Cell and Molecular Biology BO.332
Genetics and Evolution BO. 333
Spermatophyta and Palaeobotany BO. 334
Horticulture and Floriculture BO. 335
Computational Botany BO.336

Sem- II

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry BO.341
Plant Ecology and


Plant Pathology BO.343
Medicinal and

Economic Botany

Plant Biotechnology BO.345
Plant Breeding and

Seed Technology

4. MSc I Cryptogamic Botany I- Bryophytes and Pteridophytes BO 1.1
Biochemistry and Plant Physiology BO 1.2
Genetics and Plant Breeding BO 1.3
Botanical Techniques BO 1.4
Sem- II Cryptogamic Botany II- Algae and Fungi BO 2.1
Cell Biology and Evolution BO 2.2
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering BO 2.3
Plant Ecology and Phytogeography BO 2.4



Sem- III

Spermatophytic Botany BO. 3.1.
Developmental and Economic Botany BO. 3.2.
Industrial Botany I BO. 3.3.
BO. 3.4. Special Botany Paper (from BO 3.41 to BO. 3.50)
Advanced Mycology BO 3.41.

Advanced Angiosperms


BO 3.42.

Advanced Physiology

BO 3.43.

Advanced Genetics and Molecular Biology


BO 3.44.

Advanced Biotechnology


BO 3.45.

Advanced Medicinal Botany


BO 3.46.

Advanced Environmental Botany


BO 3.47.

Advanced Seed Technology


BO 3.48.

Advanced Horticulture and Floriculture


BO 3.49.
Advanced Biodiversity BO 3.50.


Sem- IV

Computational Botany BO 4.1.
Plant Organism Interaction BO 4.2.
Industrial Botany II BO 4.3.
Plant Pathology BO 4.4.