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  • Research papers in Journals notified by UGC
Sr. No. Title of the Paper Name of Author Name of Journal Year of Publication ISBN/ISSN No.
1 Some Generating Functions for the Class of Polynomials.

Pages 36-45.

Dr. P.G.Andhare Trajectory Vol. 20

No. 1

2012-2013 0975-1165
2 Some Bilateral Generating Integrals.

Pages 77-80.

Dr. P.G.Andhare IJMR Vol. II Issue (1) April 2013 2012-2013 2277-9302
3 A Simple Generating

Relation   Relations

of Chebyshev’s

Polynomials Tn(x).

Pages 14-16.

Dr. P.G.Andhare IJAMTES

Vol.IV Issue

2(1 )Nov.2014

2013-2014 2249-7455
4 Integral


Kn(aon of the

polynomials Kn

(a,b,x) Pages 29-36.

Dr. P.G.Andhare Bulletin of MMS Vol.15 No. 2                     Dec.2014. 2013-2014
5  Some Bilatral

Generating  Integral

and Laplace

Transform of

Modified Laguerre’s Polynomials.

Pages 68-70.

Dr. P.G.Andhare International Journal

of Latest Research

in Science and


Vol.14 Issue 6n


2013-2014 ISSN





  • Research papers in other Journals than notified by UGC
Sr. No. Title of the paper Name of author Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISBN/ISSN No.
  • Research papers in Conference/Seminar/Workshop
Sr. No. Name of the teacher, title of the paper Title of the proceeding of the conference National/


ISBN/ISSN number of the proceedings Affiliating Institution Year of publication
1 Dr. P.G.Andhare  – A Simple Generating Relation of Hypergeometric Function International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. International Dayanand Science College,


2 Dr. P.G.Andhare  -Integral Representation of Chebyshive Polynomials National Seminar on Recent Trends in Mathematics National  K.B.P.



3 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Integral Representation of Polynomial

National Conference on Recent Trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics National Science College, Nanded
4 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Applications of Differential Equations

National Conference on Recent Trends in  Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applicationals National L.V.H.A.S.C.College, Panchavati Nashik
5 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Alternative Proof of Theorem

National Conference on Recent Trends in  Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applicationals National L.V.H.A.S.C.




6 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Integral Representation of  Polynomials.

National Conference on Recent Development in  Mathematics  and Statistics. National T.C.College, Baramati
7 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Integral Representation of Sylvester Polynomials.

National Conference on Discrete Mathematics Algebra & Analysis.. National Dept. Of Mathematics,  S.P.Pune University,Pune.
8 Dr. P.G.Andhare  –

Some Result on One sided derivatives.

Pages 21-23.

National Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science & Applications and Computational Mathematics National


ISBN:978-93-81765-55-5 Indira College of Science and commerce ,

Tathawade. Pune


  1. Research Project
Sr. No. Name of the Principal investigator Duration of Project Name of Research Project Amount/Fund received Name of Funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient
1 Dr. P.G. Andhare One Year Study of Special Functions 5,000.00 College 2017
2 Mr. R.R. Jagtap Two    Year Study of Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem 1,70,000.00 UGC 2015 20/02/2015
3 Mr. R.R. Jagtap One Year Study of methods of solving Integral Equations by Numerical Methods 5,000.00 College 2017