Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - [PU/AN/AS/02/(1960)] (Jr./HSC/Id.No.J-12.14001)
NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade College (CGPA - 3.22) ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

List of Books in Departmental Library

Sr. No. Reg. No. Name Of Books Author Publisher
53511 Basic Electronics B. L. Theraja
45467 Element Of Nuclear Physics KedarNath, Ram Nath KedarNath ,Ram Nath
72830 Modern Electronic Inst. & Measurement Techniques Willam D. Cooper Prentice-Hall Of India Private Limited ,M-97
72828 Printed Circuit Board Walter C. Bosshart Tata Mcgraw Hill New Delhi
26815 Electronics – I
45468 Atomic & Nuclear Physics N. Subrahmanyam S.Chand&Company Delhi
45364 Nuclear Physics An Introduction S. B. Patel Wiley Eastern Bombay
54601 Nuclear Physics P. G. Tayal
51280 Introductory Nuclear Physics R. K. Puri Narosa Publishing House Bombay
51551 Introduction To System Design Using Integrated Circuits B. S. Sande
13035 Solid State Physics Charles Kittel Wiley Eastern New Delhi
12181 Solid State Theory Walter A. Harrison Tata McgrawHill New Delhi
54618 A Text Book Of Sound BrijLal Vikas Publishing House New Delhi
43850 Introduction To Statistical Mechanics B. B. Laud S.G.WasaniFor Macmillan
33181 Advanced Acoustics Dr. Sri MahendraNath Paul
31556 Solar Energy Agarwal S.Chand&Company Limited New Delhi
65633 Solar Energy S. P. Sukhatme Tata Mcgraw Hill -New Delhi
11311 Solid State Physics Adrianus J. Dekker Macmillan &Company Limited
51387 Mathematical Physics A. K. Ghatak, N. Barik Macmillan India Limited New Delhi
38707 Introduction To Solids Leonid V. Azaroff Tata Mcgraw – Hill Bombay
33077 Statistical And Thermal Physics FedrickReif
49270 Was Einstein Right Clifford M. Will Oxford University
62107 How Things Work Neil Ardley Dorling Kindersley London
51294 Advanced Physics Keith Gibbs The University Of Cambridge
54615 B. Sc. Physics K. N. Sharma, I. K. Das
54612 Text Book Of + 2 Physics K. N. Sharma, N. Barik
62769 Problems &Solutions In Sold State Physics S. O. Pillai New Age International New Delhi
43800 Classical Electrodynamics J. D. Jackson Wiley Eastern Limited Bombay
54608 Electromagnetics B. B. Laud H.S.Poplai New Delhi
54592 Principals Of Physics S. Subrhmanyam,


S.Chand&Company Limited New Delhi
49251 The Many Phases Of Matter G. Venkataraman
45363 Foundations Of Electromagnetic Theory John R. Reitz,

Frederick J. Milford

Narosa Publishing House New Delhi
36965 Solid State Physics Dr. S. L. Gupta,

Dr. V. Kumar

K.Nath& Company ,Meerut New Delhi
45345 Mathematical Physics B. D. Gupta Vikas Publishing House
44423 Concept Of Nuclear Physics Bernard L. Cohen Tata Mcgraw-HILL
54598 Nuclear Physics Irving Kapaln Narosa Publishing House
10203 Nuclear Physics Dr. S. V. Srivastav PragatiPrakashan
51277 Nuclear Physics Bhoop Narayan Srivastav PragatiPrakashan
9670 Introduction To Atomic Nuclear Physics H. E. White W.D.TenBroeck New Delhi
8700 Nuclear Physics Dr. Alex E. S. Green McgrawHILL Book Company
8098 Advanced Practical Physics
8080 Atomic Physics J. B. Rajam
54616 Practical Physics K. K. Dey, B. N. Datta KalyaniP.New Delhi
14761 The Atomic Nucleus Robley D. Evans TATA McgrawHILL
8079 Structure Of Atomic Nuclear C. Sharp Cook D.VanNostrand [Canada]
42594 Introduction To Classical Mechanics R. C. Takwade
7890 Atomic Physics S. Venkatraman Atma Ram &Sons,Delhi
43806 Classical Mechanics Y. R. Waghmare Prentice Hall Of India
53537 Fundamentals Of Quantum Mechanics Y. R. Waghmare
3560 An Introduction To Nuclear Physics Dr. M. R. Bhiday,

Mrs. V. A. Joshi

C.M. Salis ,Bombay
45348 Quantum Mechanics Dr. S. L. Gupta,

Dr. V. Kumar

S.V.Nath Partners
46086 Quantum Mechanics John L. Powell,

Bernd Crasemann

45394 A Text Book Of Advanced Practical Physics Samir Kumar Ghosh New Central Book Agency Calcutta
71636 A Text Book Of Advanced Practical Physics D. Chattopadhyay,

P. C. Rakshit

42979 Classical Mechanics N. C. Rana
43841 A Text Book Of Quantum Mechanics P. M. Mathews,

K. Venkatesan

Tata Mcgraw- Hill New Delhi
54606 Quantum Mechanics Leonard L. Schiff M.C.Graw Hill
26175 Classical Mechanics Herbert Goldstein Addison-Wesley
52187 Integrated Circuits K.R.Botkar Khanna Publish
90924 Concepts of Nuclear Physics Bernard L.Cohen TATA Mcgraw Hill


97574 Electrodynamics Gupta ,Kumar Pragati Publication
45465 Electronic principle Albert Paul Malvino Tata Mcgraw Hill New Delhi
57852 Process control Instrumentation Technology Curtis Johnson Prentice Hall Of India ,New Delhi
43021 Semicon Indexes Data & Equivalents Bpb Publicatons New Delhi
64776 Programming in C Methods R.P.Joshi


Nirali prakashan
64781 Programming and Practicals in C Methods R.P.Joshi


Nirali prakashan
56980 Physics [Electronic I] OgalapurkarInamdar Manali Prakasshan
64782 Physics [ElectronicII] D.V.SUTRAWE


Nirali prakashan
42932 Elements of Material Science Dr.P.P.Patil


New Vrinda Publishing House
DP-1 Electricity of Magnetism S.K.Kshirsagar Nirali Prakashan
DP-2 Atomic and Nuclear Physics N.Subrahmanyam Brijlal Jivan Seshan
DP-3 Material Science vanvalc
DP-4 Elements of Mathematical physics R.S.Nimbalkar Sunny Publications
DP-5 Mathematical Methods in Physics B.M.Laware Nirali
DP-6 Communication Electronics Dr.P.B.Buchade Nirali
DP-7 Introduction to Biophysics Dr.Pranab Kumar Banerjee S.Chand
DP-8 A Textbook of physics S.Y.B.Sc K.R.Kulrkani Nirali
DP-9 Electronic Instrumentation Dr.M.L.Dongare Nirali
DP-10 Mathematical Methods in Physics Mrs.NaseemDeshpande Vision Publication
DP-10 The 8051 Architecture ,Interfacting and Programming JayashriBangali
DP-12 Communication system-II P.B.Buchade Nirali
DP-13 Phy(Elements of material science) Dr.Mehboob Success Publication
DP-14 Phy.Electronics Dr.VasantG.Wagh
DP-15 Elecronics S.K.Kshirsagar Nirali
DP-16 Elements of spectroscopy Gupta KumarSharma Pragatiprakashan
DP-17 Atomic physics(Modern physics) S.N.Ghoshal S.Chand
DP-18 Physics for F.Y.B.Sc Joshi Manaliprakashan
DP-19 Material Science Vanvalc
DP-21 Nuclear physics Dr.P.S.Tambade Nirali
DP-22 Pragati Electronics Prof.Kulkarni Pragati
DP-23 Idol Electronics Prof.Mrunal Bhandarkar Idol Publication
DP-24 Idol Electronics (Elecronic Instrumentation)