1. 36×24 meter Indoor Hall with furnished wooden courts.
  2. Badminton courts (03 Nos)
  3. Table Tennis Tables (02 Nos.).
  4. Wrestling mats.
  5. Judo mats.
  6. Karate and Taekwondo modified Safety Gears Kits.
  7. Boxing facility with Well Equipped Kits.
  8. Fencing Court with Electronic swords.
  9. Ladies Gymnasium with Six Station Multigym and Single Home Gym and Eliptical Cycle (Electronic).
  10. Men’s Gymnasium with 16 Station Multigym, Six Station Multigym, and Single Stations Gym Equipment.
  11. International Quality Weight Lifting & Power Lifting Set made by Eleko-Sweden.


  1. The college has a sprawling and beautiful playground measuring (194-meter x 143 meters) 27,742 square meter playground where promising players develop their potential and carrier.
  2. 400 m running standard running track with 8 Lanes having all Athletics track and Field Events.
  3. Kabbadi Play Fields
  4. Kho-Kho Courts
  5. Foot Ball Courts
  6. Basket Ball Courts
  7. Cricket Pitch with Standard Area Playfield.
  8. Volley Ball Courts
  9. Soft Ball and Base Ball Courts
  10. Archery Event with Indian Round Bow Set Facilities
  11. Single and Double Bar Facility
  12. Side Jogging Track Field.
  13. Open Gym for all Senior Citizens


  1. Body Mass Index Measure Testing.
  2. Body Fat Analyzer Testing.
  3. Body Flexibility Testing.
  4. Endurance Testing.
  5. Agility Testing.
  6. Circuit Training Programme.
  7. Weight Training Programme.