Welcome To Department Of History

Department of History is established in the year 1960. History as a special subject (UG) was introduced from 1972. The post graduate department of History started in 1994. The faculties  Dr. S. P. Khilari, Prof.  Ravindra Pardhi Prof. Smt. S. R. Lagad (CHB) are working as a UG teachers as well as PG teachers. In addition to this Dr. B. S. Navathar is a visiting faculty.

Department has ‘Departmental library’ for UG and PG students with 75 books and 4 journals. Department offers two short term courses such as Archaeology and Tourism to the UG students.

At present faculty of the department is very much engaged in research activity and has been sanctioned with three projects of University Grant Commission (UGC), Western Regional Office, Pune. Prof. B. L Badhe has been sanctioned with minor research project entitled, “Shrirampur Talukyatil Christian Missionaryanche Karya (1918-1947)” with financial assistance. Prof. R. N. Thorat has received a financial assistance for minor research project entitled, “Ashramshalechi chalwal Adiwasi Samajachi Unnati –Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Ek Abhayas.” Dr. S. P. Khilari have been sanctioned for the project “Swatrantryottar Kalatil Takali Dhokeshwar Gawacha Samajik Arthik, and Rajkiy, Itihas”.

Department has organized a University level seminar on “Administration of Shivaji’ on 18th March 2005. STATE LEVEL SEMINAR ON dated on 12 th January 2012. Faculty has attended 02 international conferences, 03 national conferences, 3 seminars and workshops. Prof R. N. Thorat has presented research paper entitled “Economic, social and political condition in ancient India at state level seminar organized by Babuji Avhad college, Pathardi.

Department has organized various guest lectures and lecture series for UG and PG students.

Miss. Gitanjali Shivram Sonawane qualified for NET in June 2013 and Mr. Bhima Digamber Shinde qualified for SET in Dec. 2013 and NET June 2014. Miss Lagad S.R. has been qualified in SET examination in 2019.