About Library

About Library

Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s R.B. Narayanrao Borawke college library was established with the establishment of the college in 1960. Presently library is having following no. of collections

SR. No. Accession Register No. of Collection
1. Senior College Library 1,10,940
2. Junior College Library 19,681
3. CD’s / DVD’s Collection 585
4. Journals ( Print ) 67
5. Online Database (02) N-List database


Delnet Database

6. E-Journals  ( N-List + DELNET) 1,12,930
7. E-Books 31,35,000+
8. Theses ( Through DELNET Database & Shodhaganga ) 4,23,427

The library is having its own building (central library) in block no. E. Whereas the Reading Hall for boys and Girls is in block D. Reading hall capacity of 250 students. The Central Library is having the Ground and first floors. The Ground floor has the following sections, the Stacking section, the Circulation section, the Librarian cabin, Assistant librarian cabin. Open space for the student. OPAC for library and property counter for keeping belongings. The first floor consists of a stacking area for Science Reference books, an E-Resources section, and Reading Room for Research students.

The primary aim of the library is to provide access to print as well as to e-resources. To provide reference service to staff and students.  To support the educational and research programs of the college.

The library is having traditional print resources such as books, magazines, and newspapers and modern aids such as CDs/DVDs, online resources, databases, etc. library is having more than  5500 + students and  250+ ( teaching + Non-teaching Members). Library extends its service to society through the program “Library for Society” which has 50 members. E- The library section has 10 computer terminals connected through LAN and broadband connectivity for internet purposes.

The library has a wide range of collections on different subjects such as biographies, Autobiographies, Novels, History, and motivational books. Ample no of literature on Marathi, Hindi, and English is available. The Books on arts, culture, physical education, Science streams books, Text, Reference books, etc. This will help to inculcate reading habits in the college community.

Library provides OPAC, WEBOPAC Facility to the users. Library orientation and e-resources training sessions for staff and PG students are conducted periodically.