List of Scholarships awarded to NCC Cadets:


Sr. No. Name of Scholarship Eligible Cadets
1. Chief Ministers Scholarship SD/SW, JD/JW
2. Sahara Scholarship

  1. General Category
  2. Professional Category
3. Cadet Welfare Society Scholarship SD/SW, JD/JW
4. Shyam Benegal Scholarship SD/SW, JD/JW
5. Best Cadet Scholarship: Gp level SD/SW, JD/JW
6. Maharashtra Government Scolarship SD/SW, JD/JW
7. Late Col Ashok Mhatre Scholarship JD/JW


Application form should be submitted in  time in triplicate with Xerox copies of the documents and Photos of cadets attested by ANOs.


Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents:

Eligibility Criteria and required documents of each scholarship are reproduced as follows for ready reference:-




Eligibility Criteria:-


(a)        Service

(i)         SD/SW – In third year of service in the Senior Division

(ii)        JD/JW  – On completion of two years service in Junior Division

(b)        Certificate

(i)         SD/SW – Min ‘B’ Certificate holder

(ii)        JD/JW              – Min ‘A’ Certificate holder

(c)        Must have attended min 75% parades.

(d)        Must have obtained min 50% marks in last academic final examination.

(e)        Must not be in receipt of any other scholarship.

(f)        Should be recommended by the CO/OC & Gp Cdr.

(g)        Income of parents should not exceed Rs. 72,000/- (Previous Year Income)


            Documents Required:-


(a) Previous Year Income Cert from the Authorized Authorities.

(b) Parade Attendance Cert from ANO showing separate attendance each year.

(c) Social Service Certificates, and attested Xerox copy of any other certificates of the activities mentioned in the application.

(d) Attested copies of NCC Certificates, if any.

(e) Previous year mark sheet indicating 50% marks obtained.

(f) ‘B’ Certificate for Senior Division & ‘A’ Certificate for Junior Division.

(e) For Scholarship of Senior Division only certificates of Senior Division attached and for Junior Division Scholarship only certificates of Junior Division Attached. Do not attach Junior Division Certificates for Senior Division Scholarship.

(f) Application form should be submitted in triplicate with Xerox copies of the documents and Photos of cadets attested by ANOs.


Submission Date: 15 Oct each year.