Departmental Profile
    • Name of the Department :- Department of Physical Education & Sports
  • Year of Establishment : – 1964
  • Vision:

All students will be physically educated, having acquired motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness knowledge, and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly changing society.

  • Mission
  1. To develop, train, prepare & nurture competent, dynamic professionals, leaders and facilitators in Physical Education, Sports.
  2. To accept modernity while preserving traditionality.
  3. To propagate new concepts and ideas & provide for extension service to society.
  4. To cultivate the modern concept of Physical Education, Sports and Yoga in Society.
  5. To elevate the standards of Physical Education at all the levels.
  6. To create awareness about fitness & wellness and provide means for developing it.
  • Objectives :
  1. To promote students participation in sports & physical activity by creating interest among them.
  2. To make every student physically fit through sports & Physical activity.
  3. To support each Sportsperson for further growth.
  • Incentives/Facilities for students:-
  1. TA/DA given by the college for Students who participated in Various Sports Competitions.
  2. Beside this T-shirts and shorts provide to every sports student who participate in competition.
  3. Student who have participated in all India inter university level competition they have also honored by momentous and track suits.
  4. College organizes the annual sport Competition in different games and not only male student who selected as Sport general championship but also female student are also selected for that championship.
  5. College organizes prize distribution ceremony to honor the student who has done good performance in sports. The sports person and well known personalities are invited as a chief guest for Prize Distribution Ceremony. Winning team and Players are facilitated by Mementoes, trophies, track suits and certificates.
  • Social Contribution :-

Our college provides free gymnasium facility for the students. Outside students and senior citizen We also extends & provide our sports facilities for organization of tournament for other agency i.e. Government blind people institution, handicapped people institution and also general civil people sports matches organizes in our ground.

For senior citizens we provide free track facility for morning and evening walk and jogging Purpose. In our ground highly qualified person like Doctors, Engineers, Police Department Persons, Businessman is also get our ground facility. Our Department staff also work as judge for outside Sports Tournaments/ Matches.

  • Details of Infrastructural facilities :
  1. We have 400 mtr track with eight lanes.
  2. We have well equipped Gymnasium for Boys & Girls.
  3. College has sprawling and beautiful play ground measuring (194 mtr x 143 mtr) 27,742 sq mtr playground where promising players develop their potential and carrier.
  4. We have Multipurpose Indoor Hall with marvelous Standard Wooden Flooring.
  5. Women’s Hostel also having a Home Gym for Exercise Purpose.
  6. Side Jogging track field.
  7. Archery facility with modified Equipment.
  8. Open Gym for all Senior Citizens.
  • Sports Equipments Facilities: Indoor Facilities 
  1. 36×24 mtr Indoor Hall with furnished wooden courts.
  2. Badminton courts.
  3. Table Tennis Tables(02 Nos.).
  4. Wrestling mats(complete set).
  5. Judo mats.
  6. Karate and Taekwondo modified Safety Gears Kits.
  7. Boxing facility with Well Equipped Kits.
  8. Fencing Court with all modified Electronic Kits.
  9. Yoga Centre
  10. Ladies Gymnasium with Six Station Multigym and Single Home Gym and Eliptical Cycle (Electronic).
  11. Mens Gymnasium with 16 Station Multigym, Six Station Single Multigym and all Single Stations Gym Equipment.
  12. International Quality Weight Lifting & Power Lifting Set made by Eleko-Sweden.
  • Outdoor Sports facilities :-
  1. 400 mtr running  Standard running track with 8 Lanes having all Athletics
  2. track and Field Events.
  3. Kabbadi Play Fields
  4. Kho Kho Courts
  5. Foot Ball Courts
  6. Basket Ball Courts
  7. Cricket Pitch with Standard Area Playfield.
  8. Volley Ball Courts
  9. Soft Ball and Base Ball Courts
  10. Archery Event with Indian round Bow Set Facilities
  11. Single and Double Bar facility
  12. Side jogging track
  13. Circuit and Weight Training facility