Rayat Shikshan Santha’s

R. B. Narayanrao Borawake College, Shrirampur dist. ahmednagar

Department of Hindi


Department of Hindi was established in the year 1960 General level, in the year 1972 B. A. Special level and in 1982 P.G. level. At present Associate Prof. Dr. Dalwi A.S. and Mr. Thorat B. B.. working as faculty for U.G. & P.G. classes. Dr. Patki P.P., Mr. Randive V.A. and Dr. Thube S. S. are working as visiting faculty for P.G. classes. Strength of the student in the department is increasing day by day. At present 626 students are taking their education during academic year 2020-21.

Department has ‘Departmental library’ for UG and PG students with 190 books and 07 journals in the Departmental Library. Department offers two short term courses such as ‘Translation Skills’ and ‘Patrachar’ (Letter Writing) for the UG students.

At present faculty of the department Dr. A. S. Dalwi completed one Minor Research project of BCUD, SPPU, Pune entitled ‘Kamaleshwar ke Upanyaso men Samakalinta ka Swarup evem Vishleshan’. He received financial assistance of Rs.75000/- for this project. One  UGC funded Minor Research Project entitled ‘Dr. Shankar Shesh ke Patinidhik Natako men Chitrit Samajik evam Rajnitik Chetana’. He received financial assistance of Rs.2,20,000/- for this project funded by UGC. Dr. P. P. Patki has completed one minor research project of UGC entitled ‘Dr. Shivprashad Sinh ke Katha Sahitya ka Anushilan’. She received financial assistance of Rs.1,20,000/- for this project. Mr. B. B. Thorat completed one research project of college seed money entitled Dr. Narendra Mohan Ka Natak ‘Abhangagatha’ ka kathy aur Shilp.

Department has organized two national level seminars.  UGC sponsored National Level Seminar on  ‘Media ke Kshetra men Hindi Ka Yogdan.’ organized  on 11 & 12 September 2013. BCUD, SPPU, Pune sponsored National Level Seminar on ‘21 vi sadi ke Hindi Sahitya men Chitrit Manviya Sanvedana’ organized on 12 & 13 January 2015.

Faculty of the department published 30 research papers in various journals. They also Participated in various Conferences & seminars and presented papers.

Department guided the students appearing in SET and NET Examinations. Four students Qualified in NET & SET examinations in last five years.

  1. Randive V.A. (SET)            2. Rajbhoj S. S. (SET)
  2. Gaikwad J. Y.  (SET)          4. Gaikwad J. Y. (NET)

Department also organized various guest lectures for UG and PG students.  Faculty of the Department worked as Paper Setter, Moderators, Examiner, Subject Expert, Sr. Supervisor. Delivered lectures in various colleges and Places on various Subjects.

Department celebrates ‘Hindi Day’ in every year with Essay Writing, Poetry Recitation, Elocution and Poster Making competitions.