Department Profile

  1. Name of the Department:DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE    
  • Year of Establishment

Date of UG Subject-                                                                          

  1. General Level       :           June 1960
    1. Special Level         :           June 1972    

Date of Introduction PG Course:           June 1989     


  • To increase Political Awareness in Society.
  • To Develop  Political Leadership with the sense of Social Commitment.
  • To provide Systematic Guidance related to Indian democracy and democratic Organization.


  • To Develop Political Understanding .
  • To Provide Initial Training of Panchayat Raj  Administration, Governing Process and Parliamentary Affairs.
  • To Develop Leadership qualities among the rural students.
  • To Develop a Sense of Civic Responsibilities among the students.
  • To provide guidance for the Preparation of Competitive Examinations.

Aims and Objectives of Department

  • To avail the qualitative education in Political science at UG and PG level in rural and semi-urban area.
  • To ensure the overall personality development of students through extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To organize various extension activities for cultivation of human values and National Integration.
  • To transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfillment of the changing needs of society in the process of modernization.
  • To invoke the Political interest among the students.