Welcome To Department Of Botany

Department was started as general subject since 1960. Due to students demand botany as special subject at T. Y. B. Sc. was started from academic year 1988-89 under the leadership of First Head Prof. S. C. Patil. Progress of the department continued under the headship of Mrs. V. D. Jadhav, Dr. B. K. Auti and Dr. A. K. Mohite.

The quality of academic excellence of the department is marked by the students in University Examination. More than 12 students appeared in merit list of University of Pune, out of which five are GOLD MEDALIST.

          Academic excellence and over increasing demand from UG students, department started post graduate programme i.e.  M. Sc. Botany from academic year 2012-13 under the Headship of Dr. A. K. Mohite.