Research project Completed/ Ongoing
Sr. No. Name of the faculty (PI) Title of the project Duration of the Project Grant received Funding agency Completed/


1 Dr. A. N. Jagdale “Synthesis and characterization of some bioactive Schiff bases” 2010-2012 150000/- BCUD, SP Pune University Pune Completed


Dr. A. N. Jagdale “Study on water quality parameters of Ujani dam back water in Pune district 2012-20114 95000/- UGC, New Delhi Completed
3 Dr. M. D. Sangale Synthesis and properties of important substituted pervoskite oxide 2013-2015 70000 UGC Completed
4 Dr. M. D. Sangale Preparation and characterization of important substituted pervoskite oxide 2013-2016 260000 BCUD Completed
5 Dr. P. V. Badadhe Ultrasonic promoted synthesis and antibacterial screening of some novel α-aminophosphonates and thiazolidin-4-one 2012-2014 200000/ UGC, New Delhi Completed
6 Dr. P. V. Badadhe Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some novel 2-aminopyrimidines 2013-2015 235000/- BCUD, SP Pune UniversityPune Completed

UGC (WRO) MRP Sanjay Gaikwad File No. 47-1124-14