Name of facultyQualificationsDesignationSpecializationAppointment YearExperience (Years)PhotoView Profile
Dr. A. N. JagdaleM. Sc., Ph. D. Head and Associate ProfessorInorganic Chemistry198932View Profile
Dr. P. V. BadadheM. Sc., Ph.D., SET,
B. Ed.
Associate ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 200020View Profile
Dr. S. N. ShelkeM.Sc.,Ph.D,SET,
ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 200020View Profile
Mr. D. B. Bankar M.Sc., NET (JRF)Assistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 201308View Profile
Mr. C. D. IngaleM. Sc., NETAssistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 201308View Profile
Mr. K. D. DhawaleM.Sc., SET, B. Ed.Assistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 202001View Profile
Miss. K. K. AmolikM. Sc., NET,SET.Assistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry 202001View Profile
Dr. N.D.DesaiM. Sc., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorInorganic Chemistry202001View Profile
Mrs. K.B. GavhaneM.Sc.ChemistryAssistant ProfessorPhysical Chemistry201506View Profile
Miss. A. S. ShindeM. Sc. B. Ed.Assistant ProfessorAnalytical Chemistry201209View Profile
Miss P C Magare M.Sc. ChemistryAssistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry201703View Profile
Miss C. S. Shaikh M.Sc. ChemistryAssistant ProfessorAnalytical Chemistry201902View Profile
Miss K R KharatM.Sc. ChemistryAssistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry201902View Profile
Miss P B GadeM.Sc. ChemistryAssistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry201902View Profile
Miss. Brahmne N.B.M.Sc.A.P.-CHBAnalytical Chemistry202101
Dr.Agale A.A.M.Sc., Ph. DA.P.-CHBInorganic Chemistry202101

Faculty as Ph. D. Research Guide

Sr. No. Name of Research Guide Uni. Letter No.
1) Dr. Badadhe P. V. BOD/Sci. &Tech./10/140
2) Prof. Shelke S. N. BOD/Sci. &Tech./06/174

Technical Staff Year- 2021-22

Sr. No. Name of the Technical Staff Qualification Designation


Appointment Year Experience in Years
1 Mr.Desale D.S. S.S.C. Lab


1984 37
2 Mr. Shejul S. C. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 1986 35
3 Mr. Vargude S. B. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 1986 35
4 Mr. Alhat A. E. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 1992 29
5 Mr. Shinde S. M. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 1992 29
6 Mr. Jadhav R.V. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 1992 29
7 Mr. Nalage S. D. B.A.


Lab Attendance 1992 29
8 Mr. Bhingardive A.D. S.S.C. Lab Attendance 2005 15