Name of facultyQualificationsDesignationExperience (Years)PhotoView Profile
Dr. B.S.Shinde
M.C.S.M. Phil.
Head Of Deaprtment
23View Profile
Mr. R.B.RautM.Sc Computer Science,SETAssistant Professor
13View Profile
Mr. R.D.Bakare
M.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor
12View Profile
Mr. M.A.Unde
M.Sc Computer Science
Assistant Professor 11View Profile
Mr. D.S.BhawarM.Sc Computer Science, MBAAssistant Professor 11View Profile
Mrs. S.V.Wamane M.Sc Computer Science, MBAAssistant Professor10View Profile
Mrs. M.S.PawarM.Sc Computer Science,B.Ed.Assistant Professor10View Profile
Mrs. J.T.KawaleM.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor02View Profile
Mrs. S.R. Hurule M.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor01View Profile
Mrs. K.R. ShindeM.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor01View Profile
Miss. S.H.ShindeM.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor00View Profile
Mrs. B.N. GhalmeM.Sc Computer ScienceAssistant Professor00View Profile
Mrs. P. B. BhakareM.Sc. MathematicsAssistant Professor03View Profile
Smt. A.S. GameM.Sc. MathematicsAssistant Professor01View Profile
Miss. A.A.MhaskeM.Sc. Physics,B.Ed.Assistant Professor 10View Profile
Mr. D.B. LandeM.Sc. PhysicsAssistant Professor 05View Profile