History of the department
The department of statistics of the R.B.Narayanrao Borawake College was started in 1978.This is one of the science department of the college. From academic year 2021-2022, Statistics subject is going to start (T.Y.B.Sc) at special level .Dr.S.K.Khilare is working as the Head of Department.

Courses Offered:
1.F.Y. B.Sc. (Semester)
2.S.Y. B.Sc. (Semester)
3.T.Y. B.Sc. (Semester)

Detail of Infrastructural Facilities:
1.Class rooms – 2
2.Staff room – 1
3.Computer – 1
4.Internet Facilities – Available in the Department
5.Library Books – 29
(Dept. library)

  Lecture method is followed:

1.Student centered; interactive method is adopted in classes.
2.Power point presentations with LCD are also used on special occasions. Hence technology enabled language and literature teaching is being adopted.
3.Students are also advised to make use of the internet to have exposure to the   latest developments in the subject for their completion of their group and  individual projects.


  • To prepare students with strong basic knowledge of the subject.
  • Hailing from rural area
  • Poor communication and soft skills


•Well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.
•Good infrastructural facilities.