Programmed offered
Sr. No. Name of the Programme Duration Intake Capacity
1 B.Sc. Three Years 120
2 M.Sc. Two Years 24
Courses offered
Sr. No. Name of the Programme Courses offered Course code




F. Y. B. Sc.


Semester I
MT-111 Algebra MT-111
MT-112 Calculus – I MT-112
MT-113 Mathematics Practical MT-113
Semester II
MT-121 Analytical Geometry MT-121
MT-122 Calculus – II MT-122
MT-123 Mathematics Practical MT-123


S. Y. B. Sc.


Semester III
MT-231 Calculus of Several Variables MT-231
MT-232(A) Numerical Methods and Its Applications MT-232(A)
MT-233 Mathematics Practical based on MT231, MT232 MT-233
Semester IV
MT 241 Linear Algebra 81112
MT 242(A) Vector Calculus 811A2
MT243 Mathematics Practical based on MT241, MT242 81152
3 T. Y. B. Sc. Semester I
MT 351 Metric Spaces
MT 352 Real analysis-I
MT 353Group Theory
MT 354 Ordinary Differential Equations
MT 355(A) Operations Research
MT 356(B) Number Theory
MT 356(C) Laplace Transform
MT 357 Practical Course Lab I (on Metric Space and Real Analysis – I)
MT 358 Practical Course Lab II (on Group Theory and Ordinary Differential Equations)
MT 359 Practical Course Lab I (MT 355(A) and MT 356(B)/MT 356(C))
MT 3510 Programming in PYTHON I
MT 3511 Latex for Scientific Writing
Semester II
MT 361 Complex Analysis
MT 362 Real Analysis II
MT 363 Ring Theory
MT 364 Partial Differential Equations
MT 365(A) Optimization Techniques
MT 366 (B) Computational Geometry
MT 367 Practical Course Lab I (on Complex Analysis and Real Analysis – II)
MT 368 Practical Course Lab II (on Ring Theory and Partial Differential Equations)
MT 369 Practical Course Lab I (MT 365(A) and MT 366(B)
MT 3610 Programming in PYTHON II
MT 3611 Mathematics into Latex
4 M. Sc. Semester I
MTUT111 Linear Algebra MTUT111
MTUT112  Real Analysis MTUT112
MTUT113 Group Theory MTUT113
MTUT114 Advanced Calculus MTUT114
MTUT115 Ordinary Differential Equations MTUT111
Human Rights-I
Introduction to Cyber Security-I
Semester II
MTUT121 Complex Analysis MTUT121
MTUT122 General Topology MTUT122
MTUT123 Rings and Modules MTUT123
MTUT124 Advanced Numerical Analysis MTUT124
MTUT125 Partial Differential Equations MTUT125
Human Rights-II
Introduction to Cyber Security-II
Semester III
MTUT131 Functional Analysis MTUT131
MTUT132 Field Theory MTUT132
MTUT133 Introduction to Data Science MTUT133
MTUT134 Discrete Mathematics MTUT134
MTUT137 Integral Equations MTUT137
Introduction to Cyber Security-III
Skill Development-I
Introduction to Constitution
Semester IV
MTUT141 Fourier Series and Boundary Value problems MTUT141
MTUT142 Differential Geometry MTUT142
MTUT143 Programming with Python MTUT143
MTUT144 Number Theory MTUT144
MTUT148 Probability and Statistics MTUT148
Introduction to Cyber Security-IV
Skill Development-II

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human rights circular

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19_Introduction to Cyber Security OR Information Security (Coll. & Dept.)-1