Faculty as chairman/members in National committees/International Committees/ Editorial Boards/BOS/University committees etc.

S.N. Name of faculty Name of the body in which full time teacher participated Member of editorial board Reviewer
1 Dr. S. P. Cholke Ø  Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Parishad

Ø  Life-Member of Deccan Geographer

Ø  Member of Nav Anustubh

2. Dr. S. B. Sangale Ø  Member of Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Parishad


2 Dr. S. N. Pawar Ø  Indian Science CongressAssociation

Ø  Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Parishad

Ø  Indian Society of Remote Sensing

3 Dr. S. N. Pawar Ø  Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Parishad,Pune

Ø  Kokan Geographer

Ø  IGUT, Bangalore

Ø  Indian Science Congress Association

Awards / Recognitions received by faculty

Name of full time teacher PAN Designation Name of the award, fellowship, recognition received from government or recognized bodies Year of awards
1.      Dr. S. P. Cholke   Associate Professor Ph.D. Guide 2016
Post-Graduate Teacher 2012
2.      Dr.S.B Sangale ARRPS2909Q Assistant Professor Post-Graduate Teacher 2017
3.      Dr. C. B. Chaudhari AEWPC3782K Associate Professor Post-Graduate Teacher 2012


4.      Dr. S. N. Pawar AZRPP6426B Assistant Professor Post-Graduate Teacher 2017
Bharat Gaurav Award by IIFS, New Delhi 2017
FIP UGC New Delhi For Ph. D. 2014

Students Qualifying in State/National/International level examination (NET, SET, GATE, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL/UPSC/MPSC/State government examination, etc.)

Year  Passing Month &Year Name of the student Registration No./Roll for the examination SET NET Central / State Govt. Examinations /Others
2015-16 Dec 2015 Mr. Sachin Sonawane 45006838 1
2015-16 June 2015 Mr. Nanasaheb Shelke   1
2014-15 June 2014 Mr. Amol Sadaphal 19800222 1
2013-14 Dec 2013 Mr. Sandip Sasane 50800181 1
2013-14 Dec 2013 Mr. Shankar Shete   1
2013-14 Dec 2013 Mr. Nilesh Kudale 50800419 1
2013-14 Dec 2013 Miss. Mohini Alhat   1


Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension Activities

  • Village Survey
Year Village-1 (MA/MSc) Village-2 (TYBA) Village-3 (SYBA)
2013-14 Belapur Bhokar Padhegoan
2014-15 Malewadi Valadgaon Nagamthan
2015-16 Gondegaon Chitali Sarala Bet
2016-17 Taklibhan Ukkalgaon Umbargaon
2017-18 Matapur Ekrukhe Taklibhan
2018-19 Bherdapur Ghumandeo Jalgaon