Departmental Activities

Seminar/Conference/ Workshop Organized by Department

Sr. No. Title of the Conference/ Seminar/ workshop Subject Funding Agency Dates & Year Level
1 Molecular structure and reactivity by using computers Chemistry B.C.U.D, S. P. Pune University 8th &9th  March 2013 State Level Seminar
2 Interface between colleges and Industry with special reference to synthetic organic chemistry and spectroscopy Chemistry B.C.U.D, S. P. Pune University 15th &16th  Jan 2016 National Level Seminar
3 Recent Challenges in Nanobasic sciences” Chemistry Self Funded 11th March 2017 International Symposium
4 Applications of Spectroscopic Techniques in Drug Designing and Development. ASTDDD- 2020


Chemistry Self Funded  9 Oct 2020

List of students qualified SET/NET/GATE/PET

Sr. No. Name of the Student Name of the examination Year of Qualification
1 Gatkal Shashikant Bhaskar GATE 2012
2 Kenawade Sandeep Appasaheb NET 2012
3 Karale Uttam Babasaheb NET 2013
4 Shelke Rohini Narayan PET 2014
5 Shelke Rohini Narayan GATE 2014
6 Bagade Arjun Vijay NET 2015
7 Gatkal Shashikant Bhaskar SET 2015
8 Mali Maruti Arvind SET 2015
9 Popatia Farina Abdulgaffar NET/SET 2015
10 Tantak Mukand Pandurang NET 2016
11 Thopate Satish Baushaheb NET (JRF) 2016
12 Wakade Sandip Balasaheb NET (JRF) 2016
13 Jadhav Sandip Bhagwan NET 2016
14 Bagade Arjun Vijay SET 2016
15 Jadhav Sandip Bhagwan GATE 2016
16 Pawar Renuka Ramdas NET 2016
17 Whande Kiran K. NET 2016

University rank holders

Sr. No. Name of the student Rank Class Year
1 Mr. Belkar Appasaheb B. 1st University rank M. Sc Analytical Chemistry 2013-14
2 Mr. Belkar Sunil G. 7th University rank M. Sc Analytical Chemistry 2013-14
3 Mr. Avhad Shankar 3rd University rank M. Sc. Organic Chemistry 2013
4 Mr. Pawar Tushar 4th University rank M. Sc. Organic Chemistry 2013
5 Miss. Lahare Seema 6th University rank M. Sc. Organic Chemistry 2013

Participation and achievement of students in Avishkar Research competition

Sr. No. Title of the project Name of the participant Category Level
1 Photochemical study of Gloriosa superbba Mr. Sagar Doke

Mr. Sodnar Sandeep

Medicine and pharmacy PG
2 Diazotisation reaction carried out by using natural acid Mr. Dattatraya Sutar

Mr. Pravin Patil

Pure science PG
3 Synthesis of natural indicator from flowers Mr. Kumawat Shubham

Mr. Aditya Uthale

Agriculture PG
4  Fries rearrangement reaction catalyzed by natural acid Mr. Suryawanshi Manesh

Mr. Bhosale Deepak

Pure science PG
5  Synthesis of dyes by using west onion cover Mss. Vaishali Shiradkar Pure science UG
6  Synthesis of anti-ticks medicine by using wield plant Miss. Ghorpade Damini

Miss. Kharade Kartika

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry UG
7 Purification of waste industrial water by using eggs cover Mr. Pankaj Patil

Mr. Anil Savratkar

Engineering and technology PG
8 Photochemical degradation of organic dyes by nanomaterial Mr. Joel Desausa

Mr. Shahane Atul

Pure science PG
9 Synthesis of benzimidazole using waste citral fruits Mr. Deshmukh Neeta

Mr. Nande Sharayu

Medicine and Pharmacy UG
10 Synthesis of pyrimidone using waste Citral fruits Mr. Avdhut Kurade

Mr. Giriraj Patil

Medicine and Pharmacy PG
11 Synthesis of Indole using waste Citral fruits Mr. Sumit Sawant

Mr. Mahesh Raut

Agriculture PG

Participation and achievement of Students in Chemiad examination

Sr. No Name of the student Rank Year
1 Miss. Kharde Kartiki Digambar 6th University level 2017
2 Miss. Golhar Prajaktya Digambar 3rd District level and 1st in college level 2017
3 Kharat Shubham Rajendra 2nd College level 2017
4 Tribhuvan Akshay Nandu 3rd College level 2017

Chemiad examination 2020 Student Rank List

National Webinar on “NET/SET/GATE Examination

Campus Interview Report

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