Research Project
Sr. No. Name of the Principal investigator Duration of Project Name of Research Project Amount/Fund received Name of Funding agency
1. Dr. A. K. Mohite 2 Years Allelopathic effects  of selected seaweeds from coast of Maharashtraon certain fungi and bacteria    90,000/-  UGC
2. Dr. V. P. Patil 2 Years Studies on Azospirillum sp. In Wheat from, Shrirampur Tehsil, Dist- Ahmednagar.     70,000/- UGC


3 Dr. K.W. Pawar 1 Year Biodiversity of R.B.Narayanrao Borawake  College campus Shrirampur (Maharashtra) India: A Floristic approach 13000/- R.B.N.B. College Seed Money